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Tips & Tricks

A fresh breeze restores order

When strong winds shake the trees and cover the ground with a carpet of leaves, powerful blowers and vacuum shredders from STIHL rapidly restore order around the garden. The leaves scattered by the wind are swept together, vacuumed and shredded in a jiffy.

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How to care for your chain


Typical chain damage and its causes

You can prevent damage to the chain and the chain saw only by inspecting your chain regularly. The following list shows some typical cases of damage to the chain which can occur of the chain is not tensioned correctly.

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Shaping topiaries


Densely growing plants, such as yews or box-trees are best for so-called topiaries. Thick branches, which divide into finer and finer twigs, form the main axes of the desired shape. In order to train the branches in the desired directions, you can fix the flexible twigs with wire.

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Prepare your Brushcutter for Winter


After a long season of cutting back the undergrowth, it is now time for your brush cutter to have a rest. In order to ensure that it will be ready for use again in the next year, you should take some precautions before you put it away.

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