A Fresh Breeze Restores Order

A fresh breeze restores order

When strong winds shake the trees and cover the ground with a carpet of leaves, powerful blowers and vacuum shredders from STIHL rapidly restore order around the garden. The leaves scattered by the wind are swept together, vacuumed and shredded in a jiffy.

All-rounders for every job

Hand-held blowers from STIHL thoroughly restore order in and around the garden, as well as in public parks. Fallen leaves and cuttings are rapidly swept up by the blast of air along a lawn edge or wall. Even light wells, driveways, patios and car parks are easily cleared of leaves in autumn. Their low weight makes the blowers convenient to use even over prolonged periods. One particularly convenient feature is that the blower tube can be individually adjusted to suit the terrain and the user’s height.

Useful accessories

The handy roof gutter cleaning set makes it easy to blow leaves or dirt out of roof gutters or off garage roofs.

Attachment kit for suction function

The hand-held blowers STIHL BG 55/85 can be converted into a powerful vacuum unit in a matter of minutes. The attachment kit – a special accessory – comprising a suction tube, collecting bag and carrying strap is easily fitted. In this way, the pile of leaves disappear in the collecting bag before the next breeze blows them away again and saves you the time and effort needed to sweep up the leaves.

Vacuuming and shredding in one

STIHL vacuum shredders efficiently remove fallen leaves, cut grass and hedge trimmings. The vacuumed material passes through the fan with the jet of air and is shredded by the integrated shredder blades. The leaves, grass and other materials can immediately be composted and are ideal for mulching. The vacuum shredder is supplied complete with blower tube for instant conversion into a blower.

Robust shredder blades

The shredder blades of high-grade steel which are fitted as standard assist the fan when shredding the cut material, thus reducing the volume still further.

Fertilization made easy:

With a STIHL blower or vacuum shredder, you can easily convert your garden cuttings into valuable fertilizer:

  1. Collect the fallen leaves along a lawn edge or wall into a big pile with the blower.
  2. Pick up the pile of leaves with the vacuum.
  3. As they are picked up, the leaves are reduced to roughly 1/12th (STIHL blowers) of their original volume; the STIHL vacuum shredder even reduces them to roughly 1/14th of their original volume.
  4. The shredded organic material can be spread out directly from the collecting bag to make compost.

It can also be spread out as mulch under trees and bushes. This protective blanket not only provides the plants with ideal conditions for surviving the winter, but is also a perfect winter habitat for useful garden inhabitants like worms who will gladly help you in the garden!

Mulch is also a particularly effective large-area fertilizer if it is made up of many different kinds of leaves and mixed with a few spadefuls of finished humus or commercially available composting agent, as well as with shredded hedge trimmings, nettles or rock meal.