Making a Flower Trough

Flower Trough

This flower trough, made from a tree trunk or broad log, is a great addition to any garden. Here’s how to make it like a pro.

Tools required

What you need: 

  • Log, approx. 120cm long, 30-35cm diameter
  • Two smaller logs for the feet (approx. 30cm long, 20cm diameter)
  • Power saw with low-kickback chain, e.g. STIHL MS 180 C with Picco Micro Mini
  • Power drill
  • Axe
  • 4 screws, approx. 150mm long
Thus it is made: 

1. First mark out the opening with a piece of chalk. Then saw each end of the opening, approx. 15cm in from the ends of the log.

Step 1

2. Now for the longitudinal edges of the opening. First mark out a groove with a superficial cut. Then rest the saw vertically against the groove and saw progressively deeper with a plunge cut until you reach the desired depth.


Plunge cutting involves a higher risk of kickback. It is essential to read the related safety instructions in your user’s guide. Only use this technique if you are confident with it.

Step 2

3. Now plunge cut each end of the opening, sawing through to meet the longitudinal cuts.

Step 3

4. With the outer walls of the trough complete, now saw 3-4 parallel longitudinal cuts of the same depth along the length of the opening. Then saw 3-4 diagonal cuts within the area to be removed.

Step 4

5. The resulting chunks of wood can now be easily broken up and removed with the use of the axe. Remaining uneven areas can also be dealt with using the axe.

To prevent water from building up in the trough, saw right through the base of in several places. Raise up the log beforehand so that your saw doesn’t hit the ground underneath (which can damage the saw chain).

Step 5

6. Now make the feet. Saw each smaller log with a V-cut to fit the trough and then attach them with screws.

Step 6

Your flower trough is now complete. Fill it with your favourite blooms and enjoy!