Mow Correctly with STIHL Brushcutters

Mowing Technique

If you use the correct mowing technique, you will achieve amazing results with your STIHL brushcutter. Even if this is the first time you have used a brushcutter, you will quickly learn the correct technique.

Simply swing the brushcutter through about 180 degrees from right to left, stepping forward slightly after each stroke.

The following section shows the basic technique and some tips for fast mowing of even large areas and achieving the best results.

Basic technique

Since the cutting tool rotates counter-clockwise, cutting from right to left is the most frequently used mowing motion in practical use of the brushcutter. The advantage of this method is that the mown grass and plants fall onto the area you have already mown.

Basic technique when cutting high grass

When cutting very high grass or tough weeds, it is better to cut in both directions. First mow from left to right to cut off the tops of the grass stalks or plants. Then swing the brushcutter back from right to left at a lower height to cut off the remainder. The mown grass will again fall on the left.

The trick for large, flat surfaces

The best procedure for mowing large, flat areas is to divide it into squares and to cut each of these separately, working inwards from the outside edges.

Cutting on slopes – strip by strip

The strip method is the best procedure for cutting on slopes and embankments. First mow a strip at the bottom of the slope. Then walk back along this strip and mow the strip above it. Once again, the mown grass and plants will fall onto the area which has already been mown.

Cutting around obstacles

In order to cut closely around trees and bushes without damaging their branches or trunks, it is best to use the mowing line. To cut close to plants, hold the brushcutter with the blade guard towards the tree or bush and move around the trunk. This makes it easy to clear the area around the trunk without damaging the tree or bush.