Prepare your Brushcutter for Winter

After a long season of cutting back the undergrowth, it is now time for your brush cutter to have a rest. In order to ensure that it will be ready for use again in the next year, you should take some precautions before you put it away.

We have assembled some valuable hints on this subject for you, and you can read them below:

Drain the Fuel

Before putting your brush cutter away, you should clean it thoroughly and completely drain the fuel tank. To empty the carburetor, start the engine with an empty tank and allow it to idle until it runs out of fuel. Inspect the brush cutter for dirt and, if necessary, allow it to dry before putting it away.


Inspect the Spark Plug

Remove the spark plug and take a look at its electrodes. If these have a light brown colour, the spark plug is OK. A spark plug with electrodes of any other colour must be cleaned or replaced.

Inspect the Metal Cutting Tool

Remove the metal cutting tool, clean it and inspect it for damage. Apply corrosion protection to the tool. If necessary, you can have your metal cutting tools sharpened by your dealer.


Keep the mowing line moist

In order to keep the mowing line flexible, you should remove the line spool from the mowing head and store it in a moist place. Two or three days before you use the brush cutter again, place the mowing line in water to ensure that it is flexible.

Space saving Storage

It is best to hang the brush cutter up over the winter. To save space, you can fold in the handlebars.

Please read the Operating Instructions for your brush cutter carefully. You can also ask us for advice.